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kitten Birman

The Birman is an average size cat (males generally ranging from 3-5 kilos, females a little smaller). A Birman has a medium length coat which requires very little grooming. Birman cats always have blue eyes and are pointed cats (e.g. darker colours on their faces, ears, paws and tail) with white paws. The front paws are called gloves, while the back are called gauntlets.  They have thick bodies, legs, and heavy paws. The fur on their stomach often curls and their coat does not matt. Their heads and shoulders are broad, and their cheeks and ears are round.  They are lovely to look at and make an ideal pet, even if you have dogs as they are very easy going.  Birmans are born white and the colours develop over the weeks they are growing.

Although the exact origin of the breed is unknown, the cat probably comes from Burma. There, it was considered sacred and was bred as a companion pet for Kittah priests.  They are sometimes known as “the sacred cat of Burma“.  They are well behaved, gentle, and get on well with other animals.  They also love to be around people and you are likely to find your Birman waiting to say “Hello” as soon as you get home.  Birmans have soft voices – when they do decide to talk, it’s usually to remind you that they are waiting for supper or your attention.

In the early part of the 20th century two Birmans were shipped to France where they were bred.  The Birman breed was recognised by the French Cat Registry in 1925 and recognised by the Cat Fanciers Association in 1966.

The Birman is a cat with a wonderful temperament and a striking appearance. They are also well known for laying down and showing off their white paws!

With regard to health, the Birman is a healthy breed, but has a tendency to kidney disease with old age.


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