Maldives, Me and You, a Poem

In my dreams, I wake and walk

Across the room to lift the blind

No need to think or even talk

Just feel your presence close behind

I open the blind to let the sun glint through

Then turn around to stare at you

You catch my eye and I pull the cord

Letting in the sun and the sound of water

I wander out of the room built on stilts

Shadow of palm tree on water
Shadow of palm tree on water


Wearing only my bronze silk nightie

Then I sit on the steps and swish

My tanned legs in the calm waters

Here we are in the Maldives

The sun beating down on my shoulders

So early in the morn

Must get dressed and go to eat

Fresh fruit and eggs with

Orange juice and coffee

All laid out on pure white linen

Cannot wait to start our day

I bend over the chest of drawers

Looking for my shorts and vest

When you approach me from behind

Encircling my waist with two firm arms

I reach up and take your hands

You kiss my neck and whisper

Words of love

I feel your strength and tender touch.


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