Getting around London if Disabled

I broke my arm and shoulder back in May so decided to step up “my getting back to normal plans.”   Today I walked for 3 hours trying to fight that fear of falling. First had a nurse routine appointment to check my blood pressure. Third blood pressure reading was optimal…..good news.  I saw lots of people in wheelchairs or with walking sticks in the surgery and wondered how they manage.

Weather was cloudy but warm, too nice to just come home so walked from surgery to Portobello Road where I sat in a cute coffee shop to have cappuccino.

Popped in the Post office to buy newly issued Beatrix Potter stamps….they are too pretty to use.

The gentleman in front of me at the Post Office had a white stick and he coped very well with sorting out his payment.

Took photos of two Spanish tapas bars thinking of future lunch venues, one of them being     and the second being

Then I passed a better coffee shop with heavenly cakes….next time!

Started to feel a bit weary as skipped breakfast, so after buying sardines en escabeche from the Spanish shop in Portobello Road,, I hopped on the bus to Sainsbury’s supermarket……the first time I’ve done so since breaking the shoulder…I made sure the disabled seats were empty and I popped on my sling.  My surgeon advised me to wear it in crowds and my physiotherapist insists I never put it on.

After a small supermarket shop I walked home along the lovely canal.

I do admire disabled people just getting on with things.  I might be tempted to never leave the house.


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