Too much television time?

When stuck in a London flat, without a garden, daily walk done, what is there to do to while away the hours?  Watch too much television I guess.

This Morning – ITV

Thursday saw the live wedding of Paul and Sonya.  It was on the 72nd floor of The Shard Building, 800ft. above ground.  The couple had been together for 20 years and were married in front of their friends and family, as well as This Morning presenters.  The flowers were spectacular.  Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet) sang The Look of Love just before they took their vows.  They were finally given a surprise honeymoon in Dubai.

Coronation Street – ITV

It’s all happening in the Street at the moment.  Pat Phelan, the charmer still not being questioned about the two people he killed.  The introduction of Nicola looks a promising story line.  Eva – is she or isn’t she pregnant or just trying to trick Aiden into giving up Maria?  Brian tries to hide his girlfriend from Roy so as not to hurt Roy’s feelings.  The girlfriend is Cathy who was recently planning to walk up the aisle with Roy.  The big storyline is probably the grooming of Bethany and despite talking to the police, she isn’t out of the woods yet as one of her groomers is a policeman.

Great Canal Journeys, India – Channel 4

This was easy Sunday night viewing, a travelogue with Timothy West and his wife Prunella Scales venturing into the backwaters of India, starting in Kerala.  They visited a ginger warehouse and learned about the spice trade. Prunella, who has dementia, learned a traditional dance of the Enchantress.  A visit to Assam was a highlight.

Riviera – Sky Atlantic

This revolves around a billionaire banker Constantine Clios and his family, living in a sumptuous palace, Villa Carmella.  His second wife, Georgina, played by Julia Stiles, is an art curator.  The scenes switch from the Cote D’Azur, Monaco and New York, ensuring a glamorous backdrop.  The story begins with a yacht being blown to smithereens, a body so badly burnt it could be anybody, and a naked woman being washed ashore alive.  It’s all gloss, glitz and drama.  Is Constantine still alive?


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