Recycling….don’t get me started

An ordinary person’s tiny view on recycling in London, England.
I long for the old days when we had one bin. Now this has to go in one bin, that goes in another. First, they have to be washed within an inch of their life to send to recycling and then we read in the papers of large amounts of recycling being sold. In our area, we have a food bin, where all food waste has to be included such as egg shells, leftovers (messy) vegetable peelings. It strikes me as a health hazard left outside for a week. Well, I’d love to know what they do with it and can only hope it isn’t used as pig swill.
I miss having a garden at the moment, but that’s another bin I would need to worry about.
When I lived in Spain, large recycling bins were placed around the village, meaning you could take your bottles and tip them in. The rest of the rubbish was collected during the night. At first, the noise of the dustman at 2 a.m. would wake us up, but you soon get used to the timing and just ignore it. A much more efficient time to collect, without disturbing commuters, as they do here.

Self Service Supermarket Checkouts

Well, for a start, I would abolish those. I stood queuing today to pay for a few things in Marks and Spencer Simply Foods. There was a long queue at the only manned checkout. Meanwhile, two members of staff were faffing about, getting carrier bags and pressing buttons in order “to assist” customers on the self checkout. I don’t believe self checkouts provide good customer service. I hate it at Boots and particularly at W.H. Smith in airports when you are struggling with perhaps a bag, hand luggage, boarding card etc.