Wearing bright coloured clothes

When you reach a certain age, is it really necessary to wear just beige or navy.  We need more colourful older people.  Men as well as women.  Think Jo Brand, the comedian, Prue Leith, the chef (with her colourful glasses), Sue Pollard, Mary Berry (all those colourful jackets), Christopher Biggins, Paul Martin, the antiques expert with his loud trousers.

Walking down Oxford Street in central London, many people wrap up warm in dark anoraks, jeans and trainers, all very comfortable for shopping, but what about a winter white coat with a black Russian hat to liven up the crowds.  Why aren’t red leather boots easy to buy?  They are available online but not many on shelves in the shops.

Boden Kitten Heels Stretch Boots Red Women

So, reach in that wardrobe for something bright today and wear it with pride.


Stuffed Courgettes in Tomato Sauce



500g of minced lamb

1 onion, peeled and chopped

2 teaspoons of cumin powder

salt and pepper to taste

tomato puree

olive oil

8 courgettes


Cut the tops off the courgettes and save them.  Scoop out the inside of the courgettes and save the soft insides.

Fry the onions in a little olive oil.  Add the minced meat, cumin and salt and pepper.  Add the insides of the courgettes and a little water.  Cook for half an hour.

Then stuff the courgettes with the meat mixture and return the tops of the courgettes as a lid.

Put half a tube of tomato puree in a pan with olive oil and cook out on a low heat.  Half fill the pan with hot water and carefully drop the courgettes in the tomato sauce.  Simmer for another half an hour.

Serve in a large soup bowl with crusty bread and butter.