Corona Virus is Scary but let’s not forget the common cold

There’s no cure for the common cold. However, kitchen cupboard remedies can prove very effective and comforting at easing symptoms.

Can lemons stop a cold in it’s tracks?

Mix the juice from half a lemon with an equal amount of warm water. Sniff it up the nostrils.

Long after a cold has gone, tickly dry coughs can bother us after the cold has gone. Fill a mug two thirds full with warm non skimmed milk. Put a knob of butter on the milk and allow to melt. Drink it slowly with the butter floating on the top.

Herbs to encourage sweating:

Make a spicy tea by adding a good pinch of ginger to hot water with a good pinch of cinnamon and cayenne. Brew for five minutes before drinking, wrap up well and go to bed.

Onions to clear the sinuses:-
Onions are wonderful infection fighters. They help loosen sticky mucus. Make an onion syrup by thinly slicing an onion. Put on a plate and lightly sprinkle with two spoons of honey. Cover with a plate and leave overnight. In the morning, drink 3 spoons of the syrup.

Sore throat?
Try sage and thyme. You can’t beat a sage or thyme gargle for curing a sore throat. Make an infusion by adding one heaped teaspoon of either herb to a cup of hot water and a dash of vinegar. Gargle two warm cups a day.

Garlic for chests:-

Garlic is particularly good for soothing chesty colds. Try it in savoury garlic soup. Gently fry five thinly sliced garlic cloves in olive oil until soft but not browned. Add five slices of cubed white bread and cook for another minute. Add a litre of chicken or vegetable stock, four chopped tomatoes and a pinch of thyme. Simmer for 15 minutes, then liquidise when a bit cooler. Reheat and serve.

Did you know? Facts about women

The average American lives 18 miles from his or her mother?

Mothers Day was banned in North Korea, because it distracts citizens from their love for their leader. However, since 2012, it has been celebrated on the 16th November.

In 1907 in New York, a riot broke out over a play in which a woman drank beer. Beer mats were originally placed on top of the glass to keep out dust.

Women denied membership of the British Ornithologists Union started the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds in 1889.

Saying that you have read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on your dating profile, increases your replies significantly.

Keeping Children Occupied During Lockdown – No. 2

The Paper Game

Give your children a sheet of newspaper each. Put on the dancing music. Let them dance around to the music, holding the newspaper. When the music stops, they must fold the newspaper in half and stand on it. Repeat this and those who fall off will be OUT. The last one in is the winner.

Obviously, this will be better if you have a few children.

Keeping Children Occupied During Lockdown No. 1

Alphabet Game

Decide on a topic. For example food or footballers names. Then the first person says one beginning with A. The next person, one beginning with B, and so on, in turn. E.g. Apple, banana, cucumber. If you can’t think of one you are out.

Following on from Chapter One published in 2016



Jane awoke in a restless thrash around the bed, only to find nobody next to her. She started to think.

Why am I putting up with this situation with Pete? He obviously doesn’t want to commit and to have a family with me. Why do I want to check my emails to see if anything has arrived from Mark? Surely when I left, he had so many patients requiring his attention, he wouldn’t have time to even consider me, so why would he remember to email to see if I am doing the water therapy classes? I wish I could feel his strong arms around me again, maybe his lips could melt into mine….don’t be stupid Jane, where are you going with this. You KNOW it is not going to happen…so why did he look at me that way, why did he say my secrets are safe with him…why did he ask for my email….he could send a professional letter to my home address on his records.

Look Jane, you must get your act together. Mark is an impossibility as your medical practitioner and Pete is messing you around, probably big time. So what is next? What about internet dating? Marianna met her partner through that site. What did she say it was called? Something about fish. I must do something positive.
A beep on her phone indicating the arrival of a text, broke into her thoughts. It was Pete.
“Sorry, had too much to drink, so thought it best to stay over with Karl.” C u later.
Nice of him to ask how I am!
She got out of bed and dragged herself to the bathroom. After a coffee she started to feel more human and switched on her laptop. She wrote “dating site” into the search engine and was spoilt for choice, choosing the third one listed for no particular reason, except it mentioned free browsing. Half an hour later she had written a profile and registered. A few moments later she got an alert from another member asking if she wanted to chat?
Chat? Chat to who? I don’t know anyone on here.
She ignored that and started browsing for male members living in London between the age of 25 and 35. She clicked on the profile of a guy calling himself “City Slicker.”
Bit of a funny name….must be he has a good sense of humour.
Apparently he was 5′ 11” tall, dark haired and dressed in suits for the office. The typical, tall, dark and handsome type. He said his interests were cycling and other outdoor pursuits as well as the usual cinema and dining out. After a recent divorce he was looking for someone to have fun with.
Now, fun, I could do with a bit of that.
She sent him a short message inviting him to look at her online dating profile, then promptly logged off, wondering if she had done the right thing.
I guess there is no harm done. Nobody died and I could just decide never to log in again.
She decided to get her swimming costume and towel, throw them in the car. Some water therapy might lighten her mood.
Concentrating on the instructions the physiotherapist was shouting as most people wore a swimming cap, took her mind off any troublesome thoughts. After the therapy, she decided to stay for a swim to strengthen her leg muscles.
She had a shower and as she wasn’t looking forward to seeing Pete, she decided to go to the cafe for a coffee and hot sandwich.
Jane sat on a corner table. She looked around and the cafe wasn’t busy, so she took out her mobile phone and logged onto the dating site. There was a message for her.
“Hi Juju. Good to get your message. I have read your profile and liked it. How do you want to move things forward from here?”
What shall I do? Would I be a terrible person if I suggested a coffee in the centre somewhere very public? What if he is nothing like his photo. What if he used his best friend’s photo?” Still, what would I lose? Half an hour sharing a coffee with a stranger?
She typed in
“Shall we meet halfway? What about a coffee at Barneys in Acton?”
She logged out and ate her sandwich, then reluctantly headed to the car hobbling with just one crutch now.