A few more household hints and tips Part Three

Are you conscious of killing germs at the moment?  How is your remote control looking?  A splash of hand sanitizer on a piece of kitchen towel will do wonders for your remote controls.  A cotton bud can help get to the trick.

Want your undies to smell nicer?  Take a coffee filter and fill it with a little bicarbonate of soda and some essential oils.  Lavender or orange sound good.  Tie it with an elastic band and pop it in those drawers.

Want to keep your bread fresh?  Pop a clean potato in the bread bin.

Just had a cup of ground coffee?  When the grains have cooled down use them on your hands as an exfoliator.

Got dry skin on your face?  Try a mayonnaise mask and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Feeling tired?  Whilst watching TV, roll a tennis ball under your feet.  A bit of a revival.








A few more household hints and tips Part Two

Got some vinegar?  Why not put a cupful in your dishwasher or washing machine to keep them clean and running well.  How is your kettle?  Sparkling clean or needing some TLC.  Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar in the kettle, bring to the boil and leave overnight.  It may not be perfect, but most likely much better.  A second night should help.  It helps with the limescale on taps.  Cotton wool dipped in vinegar will help with insect bites.

Not happy with how your fridge smells?  Cut a lemon in half and place one on the top shelf and one on the bottom shelf.  It will soak up the unwelcome smells.

Is your plughole in danger of becoming clogged?  Why not try one part baking powder and one part vinegar down the plughole.  Cover with a wet cloth for 5 minutes and then pour hot water down the plughole.

Do you have pretty china on display?  Rub it with Vaseline and leave for an hour, before polishing, for a bright sparkling look.

Do you have some chalk?  Ants hate chalk, so mark a line around your property to deter them.  A piece of chalk in with the silver cutlery will hopefully help it not to tarnish.  Liquidised banana skins are good for polishing silver.

Do you have some cola?  If you pour it down the toilet and leave it overnight, it offers a good clean.

Would you like whiter teeth?  Brushing your teeth with salt will make them whiter, if you can bare the uncomfortable taste.

More tips coming soon.  I hope they are useful.







A few more household hints and tips

Got a fogged up bathroom mirror?  Get the hairdryer on the job.  Easier than wiping it with your hands.

White leather sofa looking sad?  Try rubbing in some white toothpaste.  Could work for handbags and shoes too.

Got a varnished floor?  Use some cold tea to bring it back to life.

Got plenty of tea?  Cheap cuts of meat benefit from a soak in black tea to make it more tender.

Got some used camomile teabags?  They make a great eye mask for tired eyes.  If suffering from conjunctivitis, a clean cotton wall ball in cooled camomile tea will help soothe the eyes.

Got a dirty diamond?  Bring it up sparkly by soaking in a little gin.

Is your hair a bit greasy and no time to wash it?  Give it a light dusting of talc and then brush out, for a nice smell and clean looking hair.

Where do you store your nail polish?  It stays smoother if kept in the fridge.

Come back soon for more household tips.