More eggy breakfasts for light eaters

Boil a free range egg in a pan of boiling water for about 4 minutes. Plunge into cold water so you can remove the shell. Simply put in a cup, chop with a spoon and season with salt and pepper. If it happens to be hard boiled, then a knob of butter could be added or a cholesterol lowering spread if you have high cholesterol (advice needed from a medical professional).


Biphasic or Polyphasic Sleeper

In other words, do you have a nap or more during 24 hours?  I have a nap at the weekends to enable me to stay up to midnight later in the day.  I don’t nap during the week.  The Spanish are famous for their siestas and when I lived there for several years I got in the habit on non-working days.

Comfort food when you have a bad cold

Is there such a thing as a good cold?

Chicken noodle soup with loads of lemon juice and a bit of chicken on the bone to enrich the stock.
Faggots with mashed potatoes.
Steak and kidney pudding.
Baxters French onion soup and Heinz tomato.
I sometimes resort to a pot noodle!



Is it time to give up the bears?

I have quite a collection of bears.  Most are in a box in storage, given names I have long since forgotten.  I am wondering if we are ever too old to be an arctophile.  Would I be better to put them on an auction site and use the money for a treat?


Do you collect anything?  Are they on display?


In Switzerland and France the proof of bear worship can still be found. In Berne (meaning Bear), the capital of Switzerland, there are still bear pits where you can feed carrots to the bears. Many bones and skulls of cave bears have been found at a site in Drachenloch in Switzerland. Why Neanderthal man began hunting the Cave Bear is not certain. It was a formidable animal, standing more than eight feet tall when reared in anger, and must have been a dangerous foe.

Teddy bear collectors are known as arctophiles from the Greek words ‘arcto’ (bear) and ‘philos’ (lover).

Theodore Roosevelt, the American President, was responsible for the first “teddy bear”. On one of his Mississippi hunting trips it is believed that his assistants cornered a black bear after a long chase and tied it to a willow tree. Roosevelt refused to shoot it saying the immortal words, “Spare the bear!  I will not shoot a tethered animal.” Clifford Berryman of the Washington Post drew a cartoon of the scene and eventually the cartoon bear became smaller and cuter. In 1903, a new stuffed toy was developed by Morris and Rose Michtom, owners of a store in Brooklyn and when they put it in their shop window they used a sign saying “Teddy’s bear” and it became a great success. Almost simultaneously in Germany Margarete Steiff, a disabled seamstress, was making stuffed teddies and selling them to the USA. The Steiff company went on to sell millions of teddies before the First World War in Germany, as well as the UK and USA.

A family business called Merrythought in the World Heritage Site of Ironbridge in Shropshire, England, have been making teddies since 1930.  In the 1980’s they made showpiece teddies, some 6ft. tall for Hamleys and Harrods.  In 1992 they won the TOBY (Teddy Bear of the Year Award) for Master Mischief designed by Jacqueline Revitt.  In 2013 they produced a special edition bear to mark the arrival of Prince George of Cambridge.

Vitamins for Seniors

There is such a choice of vitamins available.

Only last week a friend recommended my husband takes Rhodiola rosea together with Ashwagandha Maximum Strength.  They are supposed to give him energy.  So far, he feels more sleepy.  I took one Rhodiola but felt too lively that day.  It is not for me.

I just found a dusty looking bottle on my bedside table.  It’s Ubiquinol CoQ10.  I don’t remember what I was taking it for, so will need to google it as they were not cheap and are still in date.  Then there is the Glucosamine Hydrochloride plus Osteocare liquid for my joints and bones, having broken three of them.  I also take Evening Primrose Oil, Menopace multivitamins and have 5HTP to help with serotonin levels.  I live in the UK in a flat with no outside access, so my doctor recommended I take high dose Vitamin D.  Do we really need all this stuff?  I don’t take them all every day as it would be just TOO much.  I almost forgot, I now have gone back to Cod Liver Oil capules for Vitamin D!  If I feel a cold coming on, I take Boots First Defence followed by a soluble Vitamin C tablet with Propolis royal jelly thrown in for good measure.

I eat a varied diet and although I don’t like most fruit, I love lemons and limes and have at least one a day.

That Drink Thing!!!

I think my relationship with alcohol has a lot to do with stress. Yesterday I had an hour’s meeting with a solicitor and decided to eat lunch time and have a glass or more of wine, followed by a nap. I hadn’t had much sleep the night before (worrying about the solicitor thing) and slept like a log last night. I think the alcohol helped.


Today I have been sipping water and drank Earl Grey. I shall try to avoid wine o’clock, or at least delay it an hour. I am trying!!!

My super douper cocktail!!