The Woman in a Wheelchair

One day she wheeled herself to the lounge, opened the curtains and noticed the water in the pool rippling in the sunlight. At second glance the movement of the ripples seemed more than usual. The pool man had set the pump to come on automatically twice a day. She turned the chair slightly, intending to head off for the kitchen to make coffee to enjoy in the early morning sunshine, beneath the rubber tree, when she drew breath to scream but nothing came out. A man’s head was bobbing in the water. He spoke, “Morning, please don’t be afraid”, he smiled, water droplets dripping from his jet black hair down his tanned forehead. Continue reading “The Woman in a Wheelchair”

Look where we are today

The boss went to look for carpets and bathroom cabinets and came home with doormats and would you believe it, real cactus fridge magnets. She just dumped us in the room with the packing boxes! We don’t even know where our new downmarket friend from Marks and Spencer is.

Oops, looks like he has fell asleep next to the new mattress.

She cares more about her silly new cactus than us.

Moving home

My boss has moved to a new flat in the same postcode but a quieter area. She’s going to be 70 this year and so slow at unpacking. My name is Tedward from Hamleys toy store in Regent Street in London. I’m the one with the brown bow. My best friend, Edward from upmarket department store Harrods in Knightsbridge is opposite me but I have been forced to share with Christmas bear from Marks and Spencer. There really is no accounting for taste! There’s a bed made up in the spare room and we were so comfortable sitting on the pillows, socially distanced as it’s currently called, when she decided to have a nap. She ordered a super luxury bed which arrived today for the main bedroom but she hasn’t bought carpet yet, so we have been turfed out next to all the boxes and upturned mattress. Wish I was born in Toy Story.