The Dentist – Regular Check Ups?

It has been a while since I made an appointment with a dentist for a simple check up.  I have had such awful dentists over the years (and a few good ones) and have now developed a bit of a phobia to say the least.  I need to see one and if my front tooth falls out today, I am able to make an appointment, but for more serious stuff, feel I need to find out about being hypnotised.

I think fear of the dentist is fairly common.  At the moment, I have two crowns that don’t fit properly, making it difficult to eat certain foods, such as crispy bread or crispy bacon.  I don’t want to end up only eating soup or mashed potato, so must find some way of overcoming my fear.

A friend recently had implants done in Spain and the treatment is still ongoing after 18 months.  That seems a long time to suffer.

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Is Tai Chi for you?

In order to help get more movement in my recovering broken shoulder and arm, I had my first Tai Chi lesson a week ago.

I got lost and turned up 5 minutes late. I saw a teacher facing people standing perfectly still and listening to him. This went on for another 5 minutes and the teacher called me as he could see me through the glass door. He asked if I would like to join them and I briefly explained about my shoulder and jumped right in after taking off my coat. There was just one movement I couldn’t manage which involved hanging the right arm out at shoulder level with the wrist facing down. He said if I imagine doing it with my eyes closed, eventually the body will follow. Hey ho.

I wore my double air Nike trainers, whereas plimsolls would probably be more suitable for the foot swivels, so as not to damage knees.

Been there, got the

I don’t feel I can do my physio today as my poor arm has been through a lot the last couple of days. I definitely hope to go to more Tai Chi. My knee hurt a little, but hopefully, it will strengthen the muscles around the knee. Normally after exercise I feel exhausted, but I caught sight of my eyes in the toilet mirror and they were all sparkly. I felt invigorated.

Yesterday, I returned for my second lesson. It involved the same moves plus breathing techniques but best of all balancing on one leg and walking properly to make falls less likely. I feel it’s helping to make my shoulder more flexible. Some people felt incredibly hot after the session and I must say it’s incredibly relaxing. I don’t suppose it is for everybody as it is somewhat slow, but in my opinion a good way to get fit after an illness or accident.